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Water Safety Implementation Project


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Why is implementation science important for drowning prevention intervention design and evaluation?

Year: 2022-present
Chief investigators: Malena Della Bona (PhD candidate) supervised by A/Prof. Justine Leavy, Dr Gemma Crawford, Prof Jonine Jancey.

Summary: This research aims to produce a conceptual implementation framework for drowning prevention interventions in high-income countries (HIC). The objectives are to:

  1. Explore the role of implementation science in drowning prevention interventions within HIC.

  2. Explore factors required for quality implementation of drowning prevention interventions in HIC.

  3. Design an implementation framework for drowning prevention interventions in HIC.

  4. Trial an implementation framework for drowning prevention interventions in HIC.

  5. Synthesise findings and provide recommendations for appropriate implementation of drowning prevention interventions in HIC.

Impacts and Outputs: To support practitioners in the development and implementation of evidence-informed interventions in the real-world, this research aims to develop a conceptual implementation framework suitable for drowning prevention interventions in HIC.

During Phase 1, the literature will be explored through a systematic review. Practitioner and researcher interviews will be used to explore the real-world perspectives on the implementation of drowning prevention interventions. In Phase 2, the Framework will be drafted and refined by experts including drowning prevention practitioners, researchers and implementation scientists, using Delphi techniques. The Framework will be tested with drowning prevention practitioners in Phase 3, ensuring its acceptability and feasibility for end users. Systems for monitoring the Framework’s ongoing use will be developed and the final Framework will be disseminated during the final research phase.

The final product will enable those developing drowning prevention interventions to cross-reference their program design ensuring best practice implementation. This will go some way to answering the call to action in a global and Australian setting to address gaps in knowledge and build a base for the use of research in drowning prevention practice.

New Publication: Using ERIC to Assess Implementation Science in Drowning Prevention Interventions in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Review

Malena Della Bona, Gemma Crawford, Brooklyn Royce, Jonine Jancey, Justine E Leavy. 2023. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

This systematic review identifies and describes the use of the Expert Recommendation for Implementing Chance (ERIC) concepts and strategies using public health approaches to drowning prevention interventions as a case study. Findings will inform further research into the use and measurement of implementation strategies by practitioners and researchers undertaking work in drowning prevention in HICs and supports a call to action for better documentation of implementation in public health interventions.

Click here to view the research article.

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